An interactive video for Danish clothing brand Only where the user can pause the video at any point to get information on the clothing worn by the cast at that time. There’s also interactions allowing the user to ‘control’ the scene. A clever and entertaining approach to showing their new clothing collection. Here’s hoping more brands embrace this interactive approach to video.

Enjoy the experience at onlybecausewecan.com.




  • MTV Gif Me More Party.

    MTV created a fully interactive music video where the user can choose to view the action of an LA pool party ...

  • Honda – Centaur.

    Beautifully shot and executed commercial for Honda about the Enduropale du Touquet beach race.

  • ALB Golden Chains.

    Fun and smart interactive music video by CLM BBDO Boulogne-Billancourt for ALB's single 'Golden Chains.'