• The Spier Experience.

    We produced this short video for projection in the Spier tasting room to show guests the estate's attractions.

  • Planets in the Sky.

    Our April Fool's prank video showed a planet in the sky over Cape Town, all in the name of fun, but at the same ...

  • Why Online Video?

    AUGUST formed around the belief that online video offers the most effective way to engage with consumers.

  • Summer of Tjing Tjing

    AUGUST created video content for the two display screens at Tjing Tjing bar in Cape Town, where the owner wanted ...


David Cope

Creative director

David Cope plays the role of creative director and copywriter at AUGUST. He loves creative writing, bacon and witty comebacks. He hates overcooked pasta. When not working he is generally indulging in food and wine. His favourite movie is La Dolce Vita. Yes, he has been to Italy. No, he didn’t swim in the Trevi fountain.

Francois Botha

Head strategist

Francois Botha is the managing director and chief strategist at AUGUST. In his words he’s “sometimes the head chef, sometimes bottle-washer,” meaning he’s involved in every detail. He lives by Ghandi, learns by Google, has a love for photography, crisp white shirts and is a complete coffee fiend. But he’ll still trust you if you choose tea.

Rachael Allen

Producer / Director

Rachael is the Producer / Director at AUGUST. If it's video, she's been there done that, from Commercials and Live Television through to Interactive Online Videos. She loves organisation, delivering work that pushes boundaries and is never scared by the phrase 'last minute.' As much as she loves her work, she loves getting outdoors. This may be on a horse, motorbike, mountain bike or just in a pair of shoes on the mountain. Good luck keeping up.

  • august-services-bg

    AUGUST merges

    + video production

    + with new technologies

    To create truly interactive online experiences for brands.

Working with the latest developments in both hardware and software we turn online video into something the viewer can engage with, making for more memorable brand interactions.


Working with communications agencies or directly with brands, we develop concepts for online video experiences. Concepts that fit long term strategies, tactical campaigns and brand positioning. Be they irreverent, exquisite, or both, they’ll always be relevant. And experiences that speak to your audience and encourage them to share it. Experiences always realistic within your budget and timing constraints.

Production &

While we handle traditional video production we try push in the direction of non-linear video content, making video an interactive experience. Integrating live content into pre-recorded video, building interactive video installations, live-streaming content, connecting video with social media platforms, it’s all possible. We use the latest in digital video technology to produce cost-effective content and have in-house developers working with the latest media frameworks.


New Media allows your brand to reach an extended audience without vast media budgets. The online world provides channels that connect directly with your audience. We seed the video into these channels, tap into online communities and start conversations.


Return on investment is measurable on most online projects. We can track and report the success of each production and its ripple effect on the web. We can show not just the direct response or views, but the overall change in sentiment a production can create for a brand.