Global cork supplier Amorim approached us to produce a video to highlight the upcoming Amorim MCC Challenge, an annual wine competition now in its 10th year. Their objectives were firstly to raise awareness within the industry for the competition, but also somehow position Amorim cork as the quality choice of wine closure.

August produced a video that shows local MCC winemaker Pieter Ferreira and his sparkling wine prowess, popping a cork across the cellar into a small glass. The tagline “Our cork brings out the best in wines. And winemakers.” Pretty much explains it all. Have a look and see for yourself though.

Our cork brings out the best in wines. And winemakers.

We’re still tracking, but the clip reached over 1,000 views just over a week after release.


Reputation Change:

Concept- David Cope
Director- Fiela Jonck

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