Interactive music Video

AUGUST created the music video for Beloofde Land, the latest single from local band Die Heuwels Fantasties. In what is likely the world’s first totally randomized music video, visitors to never watch the same video twice as the site generates new versions each time someone views it. In addition to this, the site connects with the viewer via Twitter, displays a personalised message directed at their Twitter handle during the video while simultaneously posting this to Twitter.

AUGUST conceptualized and produced the project, working closely with Die Heuwels members, The Institute of Amazing Shit and Quickonline to deliver a unique piece of online content that not only entertains, but automatically generates social media content.

How does it work? The website’s server-side technology randomly compiles each video choosing from over 800 clips of footage contributed by several South African directors. With an almost indefinite number of possible permutations, each viewer enjoys their own unique video. The site then uses Mozilla PopcornJS software to overlay Twitter personalisations and send tweets to the viewer at predetermined points in the video to enhance the experience.
- Jaco du Plooy
Creative Director
- David Cope
Executive Producer
- Francois Botha
Director (band scenes)
- Duvan Durand
DOP (band scenes)
- Shaun Lee
Contributing Directors
- Duvan Durand, Reinette du Toit, Johan Prinsloo, Azell Bartizal, Stephen Hitchcock, Snakehead Venter, Wim Steytler, Simon Barnard, Thomas Ferreira, Arno Kruger, Catharina van Wyk, Jaco du Plooy
- Carlos at The Institute of Amazing Shit
- David at Searle Street Post

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