What is creativity? It’s pushing the boundaries. It’s exploring new directions and discovering what you really stand for. Brampton wines decided to make a toast to creativity. The video features artisans at work, and draws the parallel between creativity and expression of character in different forms. It applies just as much to a designer or photographer as it does to a winemaker.

To an expression of a grape, varietal and how a good wine is true to this. After all, creativity is a lot about finding the perfect expression of something, that something that defines it as individualistic. It’s what makes these artisans featured, along with Brampton winemaker Thinus Kruger’s wines, unique. Cheers to that.

Conceptualized & directed by David Cope
Shot and edited by Fiela Jonck.
Voiceover by Andrew Davenport (aKing)

August online video production.



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