To create some awareness for Glenelly Wine Estate, August decided to take a different approach from the usual brand films. Instead, we created a short film that isn’t about wine, but draws parallels with the estate’s approach and obsession for quality. Taking the owner’s love for collecting antique glass as inspiration (she has an extensive collection of very rare antique glass pieces available for viewing at the tasting room), we put together a short film called Glass, the story of a glassmaker’s obsession to find the perfect soil from which to make the perfect glass. The story follows a glassmaker’s journey, not just to find soil and make glass, but in discovering much more in doing so.

In addition to this, we created short videos for each of the Glenelly wines that connect back to the film’s style and tone, but highlight the quality and attributes of each wine. The short film was launched at a media screening in Cape Town and is viewable on the Glenelly website, along with all the individual wine videos.

- Gavin Elder

Creative Director
- David Cope

- Jeremy de Tolly

Executive Producer
- Francois Botha

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