To emphasize their sponsorship and strong connection to Cycle Tour 2014, Pick n Pay give riders a chance to relive their experience online. Pick n Pay’s “Relive Your Ride” is a unique video experience that gave each viewer their own personalized highlights video of the days event. Riders entered their ID number on the Pick n Pay website, which then loaded a video of the day put together from a mix of first-person POV GoPro footage on bikes and other footage recorded along the route. The video is then customized with overlayed data accessed from that rider’s ID number.

Their name, finish time, number of races completed, performance compared to previous years are included as annotations within the video, a customization that makes the video far more engaging. Key Pick n Pay moments of the race, for example Raymond Ackerman firing the start pistol, the Simonstown water station and Velokhaya cycle academy featured strong to ensure a seamless Pick n Pay element. Overall, the end result is a video that gives riders a chance to relive the highs and lows, feel the emotion again and get inspired to take part in the event again the following year.

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Producer / Director
- Rachael Allen

- David Cope

- Eldon van Aswegen

- Camera 1 – Dale Hunt
- Camera 2 – Darren Montegue

- Signpost Sound

Executive Producer
- Francois Botha

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