On April 1st we posted this ‘planet sighting’ video showed a planet resembling Jupiter in the sky over Cape Town, then asked the social media networks for an explanation.

People were surprised and amused but ultimately aware it was an April Fool’s Day prank. They shared some humorous responses on Twitter and Facebook:

@helenzille: Wow, with all the photo-shop apps these days, who knows? a big photo-shop in the sky?
@diginza: It’s a phenomenon that occurs every 10 000 at the start of Autumn in the S. Hemisphere called Photoshopus.
@laurenfowler holy moly! Cape Town’s huge amount of radness must’ve created a gravitational pull and brought Jupiter into our orbit!!! Who has a space machine, let’s go visit, I’ll bring beer.
It was all in the name of fun, but at the same time the video was inspired by the latest in a series of video installations AUGUST has created for Tjing Tjing Bar in Cape Town (bottom video is a preview).

We had over 3,000 ‘planet sighting’ video views and 85 Facebook shares on the day, along with plenty of laughs.

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