AUGUST made an interactive video installation for Tjing Tjing bar in Cape Town that syncs live music information into a mix of pre-recorded video footage we shot. The video seamlessly shows the current song information every 30seconds so bar patrons don’t have to ask what’s playing. The pre-recorded footage was shot at Tjing Tjing and cut into short clips that are randomly spliced together by a piece of software we wrote.

Visit Tjing Tjing bar for a drink and to check it out in real life.

Music by Christian Tiger School


MORE Interactive Video Installations

  • Planets over Cape Town

    Planets in the Sky.

    Our April Fool's prank video showed a planet in the sky over Cape Town, all in the name of fun, but at the same time inspired by our latest in a series of video installations for Tjing Tjing Bar.

  • Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 4.16.12 PM

    Summer of Tjing Tjing

    AUGUST created video content for the two display screens at Tjing Tjing bar in Cape Town, where the owner wanted content that captured the mood of the venue.